It is GJU’s philosophy to prepare its students to be ready for the job market after graduation. GJU’s study programs are focused on applied teaching and practical experience, driven by the need to respond to the main labor market challenges.

Hence, the engagement of our local industries in our study programs and their support is of crucial importance for a successful practice-oriented education.

The Office for Industrial Links at GJU facilitates all kinds of university-industry cooperation opportunities and invites you to participate in our different programs:

  • Field-Training in Jordan
    Provide students with practical experience by offering a training place for the obligatory practical field training in Jordan. This internship experience involves a minimum of 160 working hours. Offers can be published through GJU Career Portal:
  • Dual Studies                                                                                                                                              Join Dual Studies as a new and innovative educational concept that combines theoretical studies with practical phases in close cooperation with industrial partners:
  • Business Days and Lectures at GJU
    Participate in business days, lectures and workshops to present your organization and introduce hands-on experience.
  • Field-Trips for Students
    Share your experience and introduce students to the “real world” by offering site visits at your premises.
  • Recruiting Opportunities
    Recruit from our distinguished graduates who bring along practical and international experience. Participate in our annual GJU Career Fair. Offers can be published through GJU Career Portal: or
  • Research, Development and Graduation Projects
    Engage yourself in innovative research and development projects together with GJU’s faculty members and students. Open your doors to engage students in applied graduation projects or research according to your company’s needs. 
  • Investment
    Use our facilities to open a lab, workshop, or business hub to develop and create new business ideas and innovative projects together with our faculty members and students for the benefit of your company and the communities.

For more information, please contact Mrs. Britta Kähler (