Enabling students to find their dream career path – GJU Career Fair 2016

The 6th annual GJU Career Fair took place on Wednesday, 13th of April 2016 from 9:00am - 3:00pm at the GJU Campus in Al-Mushaqqar-Naour. Continuing its trend of continued growth, GJU students & graduates engaged with 98 exhibitors on four floors and in two different buildings.

As last year, the GJU Career Fair included an Entrepreneurship Section. We are especially proud that a number of startups from GJU students & graduates were there to present their work and inspire a new generation of GJU students to build their own business. To make this even easier, the section included a number of Entrepreneurship Support Organization, who could provide mentoring, funding and coaching, among others. GJU this year launched a dedicated section for training and scholarship providers, where the exhibitors were in close contacts with students from all majors and age groups. The section offered a variety of options from private provider of training courses to public scholarship providers, such as the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD).

By far the largest section was the company section. This hive of activity included a huge variety of companies across different sectors and from family-run business to large multinational companies. After many returning companies, we also were able to welcome a range of new companies. Among the returning companies were our sponsors Akhtaboot and bayt.com.

A full list of exhibitors is available in the GJU Career Fair 2016 Handbook.

The newly launched GJU Career Portal (www.jobs.gju.edu.jo) also enables companies to directly advertise their job and internship offers to GJU students & graduates.

The 6th GJU Job Fair 2016 was chiefly organized by the Office for Industrial Links (OIL) and the Career Guidance Office of the King Abdullah II Fund (KAFD) at GJU. OIL and KAFD would not have been able to organize the GJU Career Fair without the gracious support of our colleagues from the Service Department, the Public Relations and Marketing Department, the presidency’s offices, our student assistants and the colleagues of the different study departments. They all contributed to this highly successful event.