“Jobs creation through responsible innovations”

Background and description

In 2013, the Office for Industrial Links (OIL) started to implement activities that will lead to the establishment of a Technology Transfer, Innovation and Entrepreneurship support office. The main role of this office is to establish an innovation and startup culture at GJU and to develop Technology Transfer.

The program is linked to the career services of the university. This center will help the students/graduates to gain the understanding of the different paths and provide them with the tools to select and proceed with their best fit career path.

As university graduates have in general three different career paths:

  • Employment in the private or public sector
  • Pursue academic career and research
  • Start their own business

Program Objectives

  • Develop a platform for innovators and entrepreneurs
  • Commercialize research results to new products or businesses
  • Create industry-university links (locally and globally)
  • Create linkages with local and global entrepreneurship and innovation support organizations

What we offer

  • Training and general awareness on innovation and entrepreneurship

    • Entrepreneurship and innovation to students and young entrepreneurs
    • Professors and researchers training on entrepreneurship and research commercialization
    • Specialized courses on entrepreneurship and product design for target focus fields (CleanTech & Life Sciences)
  • Coaching to entrepreneurs and innovators
    • Support students in their graduation projects to convert them into businesses
    • Business modeling
    • Marketing and business development
    • Strategic partnerships
    • Intellectual Property rights services and licensing
    • Business establishment and growth
  • Technical development (Proof of Concept)/ Product Design
    • Access to university facilities and resources
    • Test platform for new products
  • Celebration of entrepreneurs and innovators


For more information see our brochure, visit the Facebook page or contact:

Eng. Jamil AlKhatib

Inovation and Entrepreneurship Manager

Email: Jamil.Alkhatib@gju.edu.jo