Working at GJU and supporting the applied approach and the German dimension of our university is a great pleasure and never ending Adventure.

Together with my team and the colleagues from GJU we were able to establish this very unique Office for Industrial Links in order to support, enhance and develop GJU’s university-industry cooperation and implement a model that is a one of a kind approach in Jordan.

Our students are exposed to the “real world” through their training in Jordan as well as their international study and internship experience in Germany. The feedback we receive from companies who hired GJU students after graduation is very positive and shows that we have taken the right way to educate our students.

Nevertheless, development and improvement never stops and I would like to invite you all, our students, graduates and industrial partners to provide us with feedback, opinions, ideas, and suggestions to strengthen our work and develop common future activities!

Yours sincerely,

Britta Kähler

Britta Kähler