The B.A. "German and English for Business and Communication” is a unique program in the region that covers a wide array of topics and has the aim to qualify language professionals who are able to work in a variety of positions, both in companies and in cultural or educational institutions. This program enables students to master German for communication and business purposes and it provides them with the linguistic tools needed for working in a variety of professions in different relevant sectors. Students of the GEBC program spend the fourth year of their studies in Germany, studying for one semester at one of the renowned partner universities and doing an internship at a company of their choice during the second semester. The students generally experience this German year as truly life-changing. It provides them with deeper insights into the German culture and the practical dimension of doing an internship abroad and, within the context of one of the most flourishing economies of the world, the internship profoundly increases their later career prospects.

Program Objectives

The Program aims at graduating students who:

  • Are able to work in a variety of positions, both in companies and in cultural or educational institutions. 
  • Obtained fluency in German and they refined their English skills on a high level, applying both languages in practical contexts, with a special focus on job-related skills. 
  • Became experts of the cultural context of German and English languages, able to adapt to and move between different cultures with ease. 
  • Obtained research skills for both academic and socio-cultural fields.  
  • Gained insight into the German society and culture and working environment during one semester at a German university and a 20-week internship at a German company or organization in Germany

Learning Outcomes  

Graduates of the B.A. German and English for Business and Communication will be able to:

  • Use German and English confidently in a variety of business and cultural contexts-
  • Use language in creative, innovative, and critical ways.
  • Understand, analyze and produce a range of text types in English, German, as well as in Arabic, the latter being especially important for their job perspectives in the Arab world.
  • Communicate appropriately within their own culture as well as between different cultures.
  • Take on responsibility, work both independently and in teams, and adapt quickly to new tasks and new fields.
  • Conduct research on specific questions from the areas of culture, society, and business.
  • Interpret the role of Jordanian and German politics and culture in a global context to work on both the national and international levels.
  • Work in business fields that are particularly interesting for language experts, such as marketing, human resources, and logistics.
  • Adapt easily and independently to new contexts of work, as they will do an internship in Germany.

Target group:

The program targets school graduates who wish to further their higher education – first academic degree – in the field of languages and business communication. Prior knowledge of German is not a must since the program provides the students with German courses from the very basics where most of the courses are taught in Arabic, English and German.

Employment and Career Prospects 

The B.A. Program in German and English for Business and Communication qualifies graduates for various fields of work in national and international companies. Besides the professional perspective, there is also the possibility for graduates to continue their studies in an M.A. program at German Jordanian University – for instance, the M.A. program in German as a Foreign Language – or at another university. These are the areas that graduates of German and English for Business and Communication will be qualified for: 

  • Journalism: work in distinguished media fields: newspapers, radio, television;
  • Cultural work: in theaters, museums, and tourism;
  • Editorial work: publishing houses, libraries, and book-stores;
  • Various business fields: management, advertising, marketing, human resources, and logistics;
  • Education: work as a teacher of German and/or English; this perspective is particularly interesting for students who continue their studies at GJU in the M.A. program in German as a Foreign Language;
  • Any area that requires language and cultural experts who can translate, negotiate, and mediate in creative ways between different cultural contexts; this is particularly valid for companies that cooperate with the German and English speaking world.

The job market for students of the humanities underlies unforeseen and permanent changes. Because of this, practical training on the job is particularly important for students of the B.A. German and English for Business and Communication. Our practice-oriented classes, as well as the mandatory internship in Germany, give students a distinguished insight into future fields of work and provide them with the skills to adapt to various professional contexts.


School of Applied Humanities and Social Sciences (SAHSS)
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