Prof. Dr. Samer Al-Gharabli
OFFICE: Building M, M-503
PHONE: +962 6 4294444 Ext. 4801

Educational Background

PhD in Chemistry, Universität Tübingen, Tübingen, BW, Germany, 2002
M.Sc. Chemistry, The University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan, 1998
B.Sc. Chemistry, Mu’tah University, Kerak, Jordan, 1995
Research Interests

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Selected Publications

2022 Samer Al-Gharabli, Ziad Abu El-Rub, Eyad M. Hamad, Wojciech Kujawski, Zuzanna Flancc, Katarzyna Pianka, Waldemar Jankowski, Joanna Kujawa,"Toward anti-fouling properties and enhanced performance in separation process - carbon nanotubes - PVDF hybrids",Applied Surface Science 602, 154341 (Elsevier),2022 [View]
2021 Samer Al-Gharabli, Ziad Abu El-Rub, Eyad M. Hamad, Wojciech Kujawski, Zuzanna Flanc, Katarzyna Pianka, Joanna Kujawa,"Surfaces with Adjustable Features—Effective and Durable Materials for Water Desalination",International Journal of Molecular Sciences (MDPI),Int. J. Mol. Sci. 2021, 22(21), 11743,2021 [View]
2021 Kujawa, J., Głodek, M., Li, G., Al-Gharabli, S., Knozowska, K., Kujawski, W.,"Highly effective enzymes immobilization on ceramics: Requirements for supports and enzymes",Science of The Total Environment,Volume 801, 20 December 2021, 149647,2021 [View]
2021 J. Kujawa, S.Al Gharabli, G. Wrzeszcz, K. Knozowska, R. Lagzdins, E. Talik, A. Dziedzic, P. Loulergue, A. Szymczyk, W.Kujawski,"Physicochemical and magnetic properties of functionalized lanthanide oxides with enhanced hydrophobicity",Applied Surface Science (ELSEVIER),Volume 542, 15 March 2021, 148563,2021 [View]
2021 S.Al Gharabli*, J. Kujawa,"Molecular activation of fluoropolymer membranes via base piranha treatment to enhance transport and mitigate fouling – new materials for water purification",Journal of Membrane Science (ELSEVIER),Volume 624, 15 April 2021, 119105,2021 [View]
2021 S. Al-Gharabli*, B. Al-Omari, W. Kujawski, J. Kujawa,"How Can the Desert Beetle and Biowaste Inspire Hybrid Separation Materials for Water Desalination?",ACS Applies Materials and Interfaces (National Library Of Medicine),2021 Mar 10;13(9):11268-11283,2021 [View]
2021 J. Kujawa, S. Al-Gharabli, T. Muzioł, K. Knozowska, G. Li, L. Dumée, W. Kujawski,"Crystalline porous frameworks as nano-enhancers for membrane liquid separation – Recent developments",Coordination Chemistry Reviews,August 2021Coordination Chemistry Reviews 440(2019):213969,2021 [View]
2021 J. Kujawa, M. Zięba, Wojciech, S. Al-Gharabli, W. Kujawski, A. Terzyk,"Carbon nanohorn improved durable PVDF membranes - The future of membrane distillation and desalination",Desalination (ELSEVIER),Volume 511, 1 September 2021, 115117,2021 [View]
2021 T. A. Al Hujran, M. K. Magharbeh,S. Al-Gharabli, R. R. Haddadin, M. N. Al Soub, H.M. Tawfeek,"Studying the Complex Formation of Sulfonatocalix[4]naphthalene and Meloxicam towards Enhancing Its Solubility and Dissolution Performance",Pharmaceutics,Pharmaceutics . 2021 Jun 30;13(7):994,2021 [View]
2021 J. Kujawa, M. Głodek, G. Li, S. Al-Gharabli, K. Knozowska, W. Kujawski,"Highly effective enzymes immobilization on ceramics: Requirements for supports and enzymes",Science of The Total Environment (Elsevier),Volume 801, 20 December 2021, 149647,2021 [View]
2021 Prof. Dr. Samer Al-Gharabli , Dr. Ziad Abu El-Rub , Dr. Eyad Hamad, Khaffaf, Aseel , Yasin, Omar, Wael Al-Kouz, Ali Chamkha,"Review of Nanofluids and Their Biomedical Application",American Scientific Publishers (Journal of Nanofluids),Volume 10, Number 4, December 2021, pp. 463-477(15),2021 [View]
2020 Ziad Abu El-Rub, Joanna Kujawa, Samer Al-Gharabli,"Pyrolysis Kinetic Parameters of Omari Oil Shale using Thermogravimetric Analysis.",Energies,13 (16), 1-13,2020 [View]
2020 Joanna Kujawa,"Zirconium dioxide membranes decorated by silanes based-modifiers for membrane distillation – Material chemistry approach",Journal of Membrane Science,Volume 596, 2020, 117597, ISSN 0376-7388,2020 [View]
2020 Ahmad Barghash, Samer I Al-Gharabli, Malak Jweihan, Maisam Tanbouz, Esra' AlBarahmieh, Eyad Hamad, Nafisah Al-Rifai, Hussam AlHawari, Lubna H Tahtamouni,"Angiotensin Converting Enzyme (ACE) Gene Polymorphism in Jordanian Type-1 and Type-2 Diabetic Patients",Jordan Journal of Biological Sciences,,13 (2),2020
2020 Samer Al-Gharabli, Bana Al-Omari, Wojciech Kujawski, Joanna Kujawa,"Biomimetic hybrid membranes with covalently anchored chitosan – Material design, transport and separation",Desalination,Volume 491, 2020, 114550, ISSN 0011-9164,2020 [View]
2020 Joanna Kujawa, Samer Al-Gharabli, Grzegorz Wrzeszcz, Katarzyna Knozowska, Renars Lagzdins, Ewa Talik, Arkadiusz Dziedzic, Patrick Loulergue, Anthony Szymczyk, Wojciech Kujawski,"Physicochemical and magnetic properties of functionalized lanthanide oxides with enhanced hydrophobicity",Applied Surface Science,148563, ISSN 0169-4332,2020 [View]
2019 Ziad Abu El-Rub, Joanna Kujawa, Esra’a Albarahmiah, Nafisah Rifai, Fathieh Qaimari, Samer Al-Gharabli,"High Throughput Screening and Characterization Methods of Jordanian Oil Shale as a Case Study",Energies 2019,12(16), 3148, doi,2019 [View]
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2019 Joanna Kujawa, Wojciech Kujawski, Aleksandra Cyganiuk, Ludovic F Dumée, Samer Al-Gharabli,"Upgrading of zirconia membrane performance in removal of hazardous VOCs from water by surface functionalization",Chemical Engineering Journal,Volume 374, 155-169.,2019
2018 Samer Al-Gharabli, Wojciech Kujawski, Ziad Abu El-Rub, Eyad M. Hamad, Joanna Kujawa,"Enhancing membrane performance in removal of hazardous VOCs from water by modified fluorinated PVDF porous material",Journal of Membrane Science,556, 214-226, (Q1, five years IF: 5.983),2018 [View]
2018 T. A. Agbaje, S. Al-Gharabli, M. O. Mavukkandy, J. Kujawa, H. A. Arafat,"PVDF/magnetite blend membranes for enhanced flux and salt rejection in membrane distillation",Desalination,436 (2018) 69–80. (IF = 6.6),2018
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2017 L.H. Tahtamouni, R.N. Abdellatif, R.A. Al-Khateeb, Z.A Al-Mazaydeh, S.R. Yasin, S. I. Al-Gharabli, A.Z. Elkarmi,"Inhibitory effect of Taraxacum officinale L (Compositae) aqueous root extract on spermatogenesis",Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical Research ,16 (2017) 109-118 (IF = 0.659).,2017
2017 S. Al-Gharabli, P. Engeßer, D. Gera, S. Klein, T. Oppenlände,"Engineering of a highly efficient Xe2*-excilamp (xenon excimer lamp, λmax=172 nm, η=40 %) and qualitative comparison to a low-pressure mercury lamp (LP-Hg, λ=185/254 nm) for water purification",Chemosphere,144 (2017) 811–815. (IF = 4.2),2017
2016 A. Al-Halhouli, H. Qitouqa, N. Malkosh, A. Shubbak, S. Al-Gharabli, E. Hamad,"LEGO Mindstorms NXT for elderly and visually impaired people in need: A platform",Technology and Health Care ,24 (2016) 579-585 (IF = 1),2016
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