The School of Applied Medical Sciences (SAMS) was established in September 2005 with two main undergraduate programs: Biomedical Engineering and Pharmaceutical and Chemical Engineering.

These two majors have modified study plans by our staff and colleagues from partner universities in Germany. Our graduates are fit to the markets and can be accepted for postgraduate studies worldwide.

SAMS is a success story, which has started in 2005 with 20 students and 2 laboratories but now it accommodates 445 enrolled students with 22 laboratories and 17 academics in biomedical engineering, pharmacy, chemical engineering, electrical engineering, genetic engineering, chemistry, medical sciences (pathology), biology, biomechanics & rehabilitation.

Our staff at SAMS have the needed high caliber experience in teaching, research and industry. As one of the GJU schools, we have the fourth year as an exchange year in Germany for doing one semester at a partner university to study at least 12 credit hours as program electives and one semester as an internship at a company or industrial organization.

So far, our students are in professional and international firms as BAYER, MSD, SIEMENS, PHILIPS, AVENTIS and many other world-leading companies. Students` success stories include new patents and many start-ups, or even employment in the German market. The employability of our graduate locally and internationally is significantly high.

In the end, we do believe that our graduates at SAMS can make positive changes in the fields of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical-Chemical Engineering.  

Ibrahim Altarawneh, PhD.