November 2012, SIC hosted a kickoff meeting of the Tempus Funded project on “Exporting Master Program in Enterprise Systems Engineering to Jordan, Syria, Tunisia and Egypt” with partners from the region and Europe.

December 2012, Mr. Rafiq Al-Daas gave a seminar entitled “ICT Workforce Training Needs Survey” talking about Jordan Computer Society (JCS), The Gap between the Academy Sector and the Market needs as per the survey we made it last year and Graduates Internship Program:  JCS is member of this program with MOICT, MOL, and INTAJ.

December 2012, Dr. Abou-Tair's paper was selected against highly advanced criteria; originality, novelty, technical features and significant contribution to the field of Communication Technology. The paper is entitled “A Generic Location-Based Mobile Application Framework Supporting Privacy-Preserving End-user Tailor ability”. 

January 2013,Ms. Nadia Abusaymeh gave a seminar entitled “Choice Overload: Recommender Systems to the Rescue” giving a short seminar introduction into recommender systems, its applications and the research areas that are involved in the development of these systems.

February 2013, Dr. Hassan Al-Sukhni, gave a seminar entitled “Improved Stride Prefetching using Extrinsic Stream Characteristics” explaining how Stride-based prefetching mechanisms can be improved by studying the properties of regular streams. As evidence of this, the establishment of metrics to quantify intrinsic characteristics of regular streams has been shown to enable software-... Read more

March 2013, Dr. Shadi Harb gave a seminar entitled” A Sub-1V CMOS Voltage Reference Generator” introducing a compact new sub-1-volt, resistor-free, voltage reference in CMOS digital technology. The design provides a low temperature coefficient of 12.8 ppm/0C over a temperature range from 25 to 100 0C and occupies an area of 0.037 mm2 based on AMI 0.5 μm CMOS process. Circuit... Read more

March 2013, SIC hosted a kick-off meeting of the “Double Degree in Computer Engineering” with Bonn-Rhine-Sieg University delegation. The program will be offered in Fall in 2013 with one year in Jordan and one year in Germany. 

March 2013, Professor Paul G. Plöger, gave a seminar entitled “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Robotics but were Afraid to Ask” giving a brief motivation of why we concentrate on service robots exclusively by now and in which funded research projects we have been involved during the last couple of years (DESIRE, XPERO, BRICS) and giving an account on what and how we... Read more

March 2013, Professor Rainer Herpers, gave a seminar entitled “Visual Perception in Virtual Environments” giving a short introduction into the context and terminology of virtual environments and the special conditions of perception in virtual environments. Results obtained from several research projects were presented and discussed.