Dr Khalifeh Wins the AFCEA's 40 Under 40 Award 2018
Flying Faculty Member Conducts Web Infrastructure Course
Fulda Delegation
Administrative Office Team 2018
Administrative Office Team 2018
Teaching& Research Assistants and Lab Technicians Team 2018
Dr. Raed Mesleh Participation in “MASAR” initiative
Dr. Raed Mesleh Participation in “MASAR” initiative


Welcome to the School Electrical Engineering and Information Technology​

Dedication, collaboration, and inclusiveness are central to our mission. We coordinate with our German partners in teaching, sharing, and disseminating knowledge in order to provide a well-rounded informatics and computing education, as we diligently attend to market needs  we acknowledge the importance of knowledge advancement as the primary engine for economic prosperity.

The vision of the school is to foster a high-quality, collaborative, industry-oriented educational model that brings together academic, public, and private institutions and research centers for the fulfillment of national prosperity; to create an atmosphere for applied research and development; and to produce highly skilled graduates who are ready to compete in today’s industrial niches."
The mission of the school is, thus, to convey a modern learning experience by :

  • Integrating and applying knowledge in informatics and computing, while ensuring educational excellence and providing a superior learning experience for students, through commitment to teaching, research, and innovation.
  • Promoting the exchange of people and committing to intercultural communication between Germany and Jordan. 
  • Maintaining a community of scholars wholly devoted to quality education, advancement of science, and a promising for  generations to come.

This particular setup goes hand in hand with the National Agenda for economic and social development which will set the groundwork for dynamic IT education by optimizing the selection of the necessary practical setup, maximizing technical and managerial skills for IT students, calibrating and maintaining state-of-the-art technology that can be employed effectively, and proposing strategies to foster high quality achievements of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary teams. Implementation of this vision, based on a reformed educational system that leverages a much sought-after effectiveness combined with the proper collaboration between public and private IT sectors, industry, and international experts, will improve the quality of IT education in the region and maintain its continuity and dependability.

The School provides a  unique educational environment. It offers small classes, outstanding facilities, and an extremely supportive staff. It also offers peer tutoring and technical support sessions that  help students move forward on a road towards success. In teaching and research, our faculty body is amongst the most caring and  committed bodies, providing a dimension of personal attention not often found in similar programs at other peer institutions.