What is the Flying Faculty Program? 

The FF program was established to enhance the exchange of expertise between GJU and its German partner universities. The program supports professors/lecturers especially from the partner universities to teach specific courses at GJU that add value and expertise to the regular curriculum offered by the faculties. The FF program also includes potential lectures form industrial partners, in order to enhance the relevance of the applied science teaching, and to further the cooperation between faculties and industry.  

For a FF application to be eligible for funding, the invited lecturer should either teach online, in person or in a hybrid model for a minimum of 20 (15 in person and the rest online) and up to 48 hours . A stay of seven days at GJU is funded. 

Who can participate? 

Professors and lecturers from German universities who would like to give a course in the associated school at GJU can participate. The professors and lecturers should preferably be part of our partner universities, although the program can also be used to establish new partnerships. Please find the application details on the respective page for Flying Faculty 2024

Funding : 

To cover the costs of accommodation and travel to and from the campus (Madaba/Amman), the GJU project office will pay a daily rate of €126.00 from TNB funding for each day that classes are conducted by them, but for a maximum of seven days. This will be paid in a lump sum after your trip on the basis of the "Letter of Confirmation". You will initially make an advance financial payment. Weekend days off (in Jordan Friday and Saturday) will also be paid at this daily rate, as long as they are within the teaching period. Arrival and departure days are not included in the payment. For payment, please send your full name and completed account information form to the IAD and GJU Project Office.

Travel costs including round-trip airline ticket (economy class) and train ticket to and from the airport in Germany 

GJU covers:  an hourly rate of 29€ per taught teaching hour (50 minutes) 


​​Flying Faculty 2024

For specific information on Flying Faculty 2024, please visit the dedicated page

For further inquiries please contact:  

Ms. Aurelia Luongo 
Building F, Office 007 
Tel.: +962 6 429 4891

Flying Faculty 2024 at GJU 

We are pleased to announce that in 2024 we will be able to invite lecturers to GJU in Amman, Jordan, as part of the Flying Faculty Program of German Jordanian University (GJU) and Magdeburg-Stendal University of Applied Sciences (h2). Through the GJU and h2 Flying Faculty Program, faculty from German universities and Universities of Applied Sciences as well as industrial partners are funded to teach at GJU during a short stay to help shape and strengthen the German dimension at GJU. 

Who can apply? 

Lecturers from GJU's (partner) universities as well as industrial partners who would like to teach a course in their field or in the area of their economic expertise at GJU. An academic title is desired, but not required. 

Application Process 

Please read through GJU's website and send your current CV as well as details about your desired assignment at GJU, such as desired department (information on faculties and courses on their respective websites), course title if applicable, and time availability (in English). The International Affairs Department will then put you in touch with the appropriate GJU faculty to clarify any further details. 

The deadline for sending the documents is November 21, 2024. 

Procedure for 2024 

Generally, Flying Faculty visits can take place throughout the year except for the month of December. Courses can be given online, in hybrid format, or on-site. Lecturers teach between 20 and 48 hours. (minimum 20, of 15 in person and the rest online). Funding is provided for a seven-day on-site stay at GJU, including travel expenses (funded through TNB project GJU at h2). Additional compensation is provided for teaching hours within the FF program (funded through GJU). 


Recent Guests 

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Siegismund  

From October 22nd until December 22nd 2022, I had the pleasure to teach a course for the GJU's students through the GJU's Flying Faculty Program. The course was called “Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering – Refrigeration Technologies” and was partially taught online. From November 14th to November 21st, we were able to hold classes in person on the GJU campus in Madaba. As a member of the German University network, I had heard about the FF Program at our yearly network-meetings as well as via the IO of our university, and decided, it would be a great project to pursue. 

The coordination with the IAD was excellent. I received all required information in a compact and well-structured form and well ahead of the FF stay in Jordan. This provided plenty of time for the planning. Communication with SATS and Mechanical Engineering Exchange Coordinator, Dr. Sameer Al Dahidi went just as smoothly. He organized the course in a perfect manner, which really made it easy to conduct the course. 

A network meeting, three weeks ahead of the course, gave me the opportunity to meet the students in advance. This helped a lot at the beginning of the online-course three weeks later. Of course, online teaching (in the evening) is a challenge, especially if students already had other lectures during the day. However, I was impressed about their commitment towards the course. Naturally, on campus teaching significantly increased the good relationships between the students and me. 

The biggest challenge in my opinion was the fact, that online and on campus classes took place in the evening after students had other courses. This was due to the students schedule and my own duties at my home university. All students were very friendly and open minded. They really worked well during classes and during the breaks, students were also interested in discussing more general topics like career chances in refrigeration technologies. 

I felt very much welcomed by all: the GJU staff, students and all people that I met during my stay. I was impressed by people's “Welcome to Jordan” mentality! 

All in all, I do not have any suggestions to improve the program since everything went so smoothly. As long as there are dedicated people working at the GJU to organize each individual FF stay as comfortable as mine, I think this program will further be successful in the future. I hope others will use the opportunity of the Flying Faculty Program and enjoy it as much as I did, since it is an important component for the German-Jordanian link!  

Thank you very much!