Jordan is a small and young country in the heat of the Middle East with a rich culture and history. The capital Amman with around 4 million citizens is very modern, but also very traditional with a lot of restaurants, pubs, clubs, coffee shops, sports possibilities, and other activities. Jordan has a lot to offer: There is Petra, a historic UNESCO world culture heritage, as well as the Dead Sea, which is the lowest point on earth, or Wadi Rum with its red desert. Due to that, the culture, which is influenced by religion, can be seen at almost every corner in Jordan. The variety of food as well as the Jordanian hospitality are also worth mentioning. 

Every semester, the Incoming Coordinators of the International Affairs Department organize different trips for the students. You can find some statements and pictures from previous trips below.

Wadi Mujib  

The excursion on October 7 2022 to Wadi Mujib, organized by the Incoming Coordinators from GJU was the adventurous culmination of a comprehensive week of introduction, orientation and getting to know each other. An impressive number of 51 students participated in this trip. Other trips(link) 

Students experiences: 

“To swim and float through the water in Wadi Mujib was quite funny, especially since we were a big group of people with a lot of chances to joke around. The restaurant we went to had a cozy atmosphere where we enjoyed a Hookah after dinner. Whenever we took the bus to drive to another spot, we used an Aux-Cable, put on some nice music and had a small party in our bus.” 


Wadi Rum  
The students organized a weekend trip to Wadi Rum in November 2022 by themselves. They enjoyed the unique red dessert of Wadi Rum and the experience of being a beduni with all the traditions. 

Al Salt  
Our students organized a trip to the city Al Salt in October 2022. Al Salt is very famous for the old buildings and the churches as well as the beautiful view. 

Student activities:  



Here are 10 reasons why you should become a GJU-er for one semester! 

1. Arabic course 

GJU offers two different Arabic courses to Incoming students.  

1. Amia’ (Jordanian dialect), AFL99 and the second course AFL100 is for Beginners & Intermediates. There are 2 other courses which are offered for all GJU students in Fosha (formal Arabic language), ARB099 and ARB100, but your level in Arabic must be very good (C1 or C2). 

2. Study Buddy program 

We connect you with a Jordanian GJU student before you arrive in Jordan. He/she should answer you any kind of questions and support you, especially in your first weeks in Jordan. Our Study Buddies are also invited to any event organized by the student club. 

3.Trips during the semester 

We offer three different trips during the semester. We try to show you Jordans beautiful landscape and culture – we also want to organize some sport activities like hiking and bicycle tours. 

4. Campus live  

The main Campus in Madaba is a very large Campus with a lot of places to learn and study. There are more than one cafeteria serving warm food. The second Campus is the Sabe Campus, which is located in Amman Downtown. Our architecture, design and Master students study there. The campus is central and close to downtown and the architecture itself is very unique.  


GJU hosts a lot of events organized by students or staff. For example, we are hosting the international day, the German week, career fair, student club event…  The main purpose of the events is it to raise our students’ knowledge about the GJU offers and to mingle with students, staff and companies. 

6. Club memberships 

Our students offer clubs which can be joined. For our incomings this would be a great opportunity to get in touch with Jordanian students and to see how Jordanian students work and organize projects. 

7. Modern technology 

GJU offers a variety of opportunities in the field of innovation and technology for its students. There are several events and programs that are hosted by GJU. The university also has an innovations space and a lot of cooperations with companies, which could be beneficial for students, especially when they are planning an internship semester in Jordan. 

8. Exam system 

The exam system at GJU is different to the system in Germany. At GJU you have a first, a midterm or a second and a final exam. During the semester some professors do quizzes. Also attendance and participation is counted in the total mark. It is a lot of engagement during the semester, but all in all it is easier than the German system, as several tests will determine your total mark. 

9. Attendance 

GJU has, as any University in Jordan, attendance rules. A student is allowed to miss a maximum of five classes, if you miss more classes, the professor has the right to dismiss you. The professors can be flexible with this topic, so at the end the professor decides if he/she has absences and what the minimum is.  

10. Every course can be taken and study duration can be 3 semesters  

Incoming students can take any courses at GJU from every department, even Master courses can be chosen. Some Master courses/programs are not available, please check with the responsible Exchange Coordinator. Incoming students are allowed to extend their stay to two semesters, either study, - internship, - or even bachelor semester.