International Scholarships at GJU

Last update: 9th of July 2023


Welcome to the scholarship section of the International Affairs Department. Here you will find all information on current calls for non-GJU scholarships, as well as on our regular GJU scholarship programs. For questions and suggestions, please refer to the contact person stated below. For specific inquiries concerning the different programs, please contact the responsible coordinators.

Contact Person

Are Kehr left the position as a Scholarship Coordinator. Topics regarding Scholarships, Erasmus+ Staff and Students Mobility will be answered by IAD Office end of January 2024 on




Testimonials of former scholarship holders:

Name of student: Hashem Qaryouti            
Major: Computer Engineering
Name of host University: Middle East Technical University, Türkiye, Computer Engineering Department
Duration of mobility: four months (second semester 2023)

I wrote on the motivation letter that Erasmus+ scholarship will give me the opportunity to expand my social circle, improve my English language, and opening up new horizons in my life. Moreover, I have stated there that it will also introduce me to a different teaching style. Indeed, I have managed all of these. Honestly, all of them become true and I have started to think outside the box. After this awesome semester, I am more capable to embrace new ideas, think in a more logical and professional way. Erasmus+ makes me really someone different, so my knowledge in life's aspects increases. It helped me also to change my mindset and my behavior towards other people. Honestly, and proudly I have managed to achieve my plans during the Erasmus+ period. All what I wrote on the motivation letter became true and reality.




Name of student: Omar AlRagheb
Major: Energy Engineering
Name of host University: University of Oradea, Romania, Department of Energy Engineering 
Duration of mobility: three months and 25 Days (second semester 2023)

In my motivation letter, I wrote about being more enthusiastic about my major, Energy Engineering, through this experience. This specific thing actually happened, especially after having the opportunity to sit down and communicate not only with professors from a totally different part of the world, but also very enthused students like me from very different parts of the world. Their learning methods, their points of views on topics related to the field, which corresponds to where they come from. What also surpassed my expectations was the extracurricular side of the experience, the amount of exposure I got to different cultures, the stories you hear, realizing that reading about a culture online is something, but sitting down with a person that lived that culture and has that background, the two definitely cannot compare. I have to say, I never had this amount of freedom when it comes to studying, self-studying, research papers -which sometimes is definitely harder than just preparing for a regular exam. In comparison to the usual, having specific chapters, specific notes or slides to study from, and taking an exam which tests very narrow knowledge and doesn’t allow for much creativity.