Next to GJUs character as a university of applied sciences, the German Dimension is another unique selling point. 

In the 18th year of existence, the German Dimension is represented on campus by a meanwhile high number of German students and regularly visiting German scholars, student groups, and visitors. But the experience of the German Dimension you will find outside of Campus too, as all bachelor students spend the 4th year of their studies at one of our partner universities in Germany and as interns in a German company. There they will have an invaluable deep insight into German academic institutions and work culture in industry shaping them into experts in German business culture. 

At IAD, different sections work to enable the German Dimension. Be it through the organization of the academic networks, through the administration of the Flying Faculty program, the GJU Staff Mobility Program, and through steady communication with German Partner universities, German Companies, and other entities involved like DAAD, Project Office in Magdeburg and German Embassy Amman. 

Based on these long-term relations the GJU reached to place all students at a partner university in Germany and a 100% acceptance rate for visas at the German Embassy, a result that no other institution can compare with. Based on their practical German Year experience, GJU graduates have the highest employability rate of all graduates in Jordan, a great success for all parties that worked on that. 

All members of IAD contribute to GJUs policy to create an international study atmosphere treating all students the same regardless of their background in terms of gender, religion, health conditions, nationality, and financial situation. All communications and procedures are handled digitally already for years to reach the most efficient, transparent, and traceable approach. 


Hegemann, Jens