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last updated 08.09.2020


The International Office team is committed to supporting all GJU students to have a high-quality educational experience abroad and to be fully supported by a range of programs and scholarships to enrich their international experience. However, from time to time, we understand that things might not go as planned. Thus, this page helps you decide with whom and how to address your concerns regarding any of the projects that are managed by the International Office at GJU.

If you need feedback on your application documents or you are not satisfied with the outcome of your Erasmus+ application, there is a range of reasons why your Erasmus+ scholarship application may not have been successful. The following information provides details about the international office feedback policy, as well as details about the appeal and complaint procedures for scholarship applicants.

If your scholarship application was unsuccessful and you were not invited to a personal assessment, how and when can you request feedback?

You might have not been invited to a personal assessment because one of the following reasons;

  • You did not meet the specific eligibility requirements for the scholarship based on the criteria that were published here.
  • The number of students who have been invited to the personal assessment is related to the number of available seats that are allocated for each major in each semester, your application might have been ranked below the group of invited candidate(s).
  • Erasmus+ is an intercultural exchange program, the selection criteria are built not merely on the academic merits, but several other criteria are considered and counted in the total ranking. (Rating of the letter of intent; grammar, structure and especially the content, CV and experience, GPA).

The feedback request must be sent within 48 hours after receiving the rejection E-mail which will be sent to the declined students via their GJU email days before the personal assessment.

If your scholarship application is unsuccessful and you were not rewarded with the scholarship, how and when can you request feedback?


Your application may have been unsuccessful and you were not rewarded a scholarship spot because of the below reason;

  • There are a limited number of awards and seats available for your major and your application was ranked below the rewarded scholarship recipient(s).

The feedback request must be sent within 48 hours after announcing the results. All students who have been invited to the personal assessment will receive an e-mail with the final decision.

We can only respond to your feedback request on your application after we receive a written form with all the required sections within the timeline to the following e-mail; 

  • Your full name (Name, Last Name)
  • ID student number
  • Specific Erasmus+ Partner University you applied for
  • Specific feedback you are requesting (documents evaluation/personal assessment)
  • A clear purpose of your feedback request.

You will be receiving an automated email that your request is well received (please do not reply or contact this Email address). After this step, we will be responding to your request within a week.

How do I appeal against Feedback?

You can request a review after receiving feedback on your application. The review must be requested within 48 hours of the feedback being sent to you.

You should send your review request in written form to the scholarship coordinator and with the deputy director of the International office copied in that e-mail.


What should I do if I have a complaint against the scholarship selection process?

If you would like to file a complaint against the scholarship selection process, you must know that the Scholarship process and criteria were agreed on and approved by the International office director and the Presidency. Therefore, such complaints will have very limited chances of success.

If you are still dissatisfied with the outcome of the feedback, decision you can write to the Head of the International Office requesting a personal meeting within a max of 3 days of receiving the answer to your appeal.