The Welcome Office at the German Jordanian University plays a crucial role in assisting international staff members throughout their time in Jordan. It serves as a central point of contact and support for them, ensuring a smooth transition and adherence to various government and university procedures. The primary responsibilities of the Welcome Office include:

1. Issuing Residency through the Ministry of Interior Affairs: International staff require residency permits during their stay in Jordan. The Welcome Office assists in obtaining the necessary documentation and guides staff through the application process with the Ministry of Interior Affairs.
2. Issuing Work Permits through the Ministry of Labor: For international staff to legally work in Jordan, they need work permits. The Welcome Office facilitates the acquisition of work permits and helps staff meet the requirements set by the Ministry of Labor.
3. Supporting Medical examination proceproceduresugh the Ministry of Health: International staff members need to undergo medical tests as part of the visa and employment process. The Welcome Office provides information and support to complete this requirement with the Ministry of Health.
4. Supporting the process of car permits: If international staff members wish to purchase a car during their stay, the Welcome Office provides guidance on customs procedures and help helps with the necessary procedures.
5. General Service Department at GJU: The Welcome Office collaborates with the General Service Department at GJU to ensure that all necessary services and support are provided to international staff.
These procedures often involve coordination with various university departments such as the Presidency, Finance Department, Human Resources, and General Services. The Welcome Office acts as a liaison between international staff and these departments to ensure the necessary procedures are followed correctly and efficiently.
It is important to note that these procedures can take approximately three months to complete, the Welcome Office recommends that international staff members contact them as soon as they sign their contract to initiate the process. This early engagement allows for a smoother transition and ensures that all necessary requirements are met during their time at GJU.
The Welcome Office's goal is to provide clear transparency and support throughout the entire process, making the experience of international staff members at GJU as smooth as possible.