The Presidency Department serves as a liaison between the University Presidency and all internal and external entities, including schools, departments, centers, and partner universities in Germany as well as industry stakeholders in Jordan and abroad.

The presidency department supports administratively GJU’s strategic pillars to provide applied education to students;  nurture research, innovation and entrepreneurship culture and develop quality research outputs; develop technical, multilingual and multicultural professionals who are capable of contributing to the global competitive market; support community engagement and attain positive relationship with university society and stakeholders; achieve excellence in administrative performance towards sustainable growth. By focusing on the fifth pillar, and based on the presidency’s action plan we strive to enhance the skills and qualifications of our team, to develop and maintain a comprehensive quality management system (QMS) that complies with HEAC and the German Accreditation regulations, enhance the university's internal operations by digitalizing the operations in accordance to GJU’s sustainable goal to become a green and smart campus.

The operational responsibilities include:

  1. Responding to inquiries from stakeholders, students, and guests, and arranging visits in coordination with the Department of Public Relations.
  2. Coordinating and processing information related to the Presidency's activities, including conferences, events, meetings, visits and signings of MOU.
  3. Drafting, archiving and distributing official correspondence, internal memos, and emails issued by the University President.
  4. Receiving, organizing, and presenting incoming mail to the President, as well as preparing and sending responses as directed.
  5. Monitoring and tracking correspondences to ensure timely implementation of decisions and actions.
  6. Maintaining and archiving records and documents related to the Presidency and its councils.

Khalida Radaideh

Acting Director