Procedures for Resignation

The staff member must submit an official letter to the manager at least 3 months before the last date of his/her yearly contract. The manager will then send it to Presidency for approval and then to HR. Once its approved, he/she must take a form from the HR (clearance form).

In this respect, the following process descriptions are only to be understood as guidelines. 

At the end of employment at the GJU, the clearance process must be gone through. In large part, this corresponds to the usual docket at German universities at the end of employment. At the GJU, due to the special expatriate status of the employees, this general docket is extended by an external clearance, which includes a tax and a social security part. 
The clearance process begins with management's agreement to the departure, which is reconfirmed by the President's Office to the HR Department. Once this confirmation is received by HR, the actual docket can be start. This includes the following items:
1. department/school
2. department of supplies
3. library
4. IT
5. services
6. cooperative association
7. Welcome Office (to terminate the residency, work permit and temporary car permits.
8. financial department
9. HR Department
The docket does not necessarily have to be completed in this order, there are some specifics. The signature[1] at item 1 must be obtained from the head of School/Department, which is the first without which no one else will sign. Additionally, the Department of Supplies must sign before IT[2]. For practical reasons, it is advised to make an appointment with the secretary to hand over all items that are required. With the transfer logs, one then goes to the Supplies Department, which matches the logs with the logs on file there. If one has been officially employed at Darat Othman Bdeir at any time during employment, one will also need a signature from the person in charge there before signing the Supplies Department. As soon as you have the signature of Supplies, it is advisable to obtain the signatures of the IT Department and the Cooperative Association together. The Association representative sits in that department.
The social security 
at the end the work permit card has to be hand back to the welcome office.