International employees of the GJU are entitled to purchase a duty-free car. Duty-free vehicles can be recognized by their yellow license plates. There are two variants, license plates starting with a 7 are vehicles of members of the diplomatic corps, license plates with an 8 belong to international organizations that have a duty exemption. Both types of vehicles can be purchased by international GJU staff. Alternatively, of course, the interested person can buy a regular car with a white license plate. When purchasing a car with these license plates, a security deposit of 1500 JD must be made with the GJU to ensure that the vehicle is properly resold at the end of work.

Vehicles with yellow license plates can only be sold at resale to members of the diplomatic corps or international employees of tax-exempt organizations. In principle, a sale to Jordanians is also possible, but this is ultimately unrealistic due to the high additional customs payments then due. Thus, when leaving Jordan, a buyer must be found within a very limited group of people under time pressure. The sale of the vehicle is mandatory regardless of the residual value. An alternative is only the scrapping in the FreeZone. No clearance process is possible without either of these options having been successfully carried out. 

After receiving the Residency and Work permit, the interested staff member can buy a car by preparing the following documents:

  • Copy of the passport;

  • Copy of the work contract;

  • Copy of the car license;

  • A financial guarantee from the university (a form of human resources) for 1,500 JoD, deducted from the first salary in the amount of 750 and 750 from the second salary.

After that, the university writes an official letter to the customs department requesting a temporary admission of a car, and then the employee must bring a customs declaration.

In the case of renewing a car license, it is required to had the below to the Welcome Office:

The Welcome Office renews the car license after the staff member informs the office and hands the following:

  • Copy of the new contract

  • Copy of the Passport

  • Copy of the last entrance stamp on the passport

  • Copy of residence and work permit

  • Copy of driving license

After the welcome office receives the required document, the procedures start by sending official letters from the presidency to the related ministry.