The board of Trustees is formed of the following:

  • President of the board of trustees.
  • Four academic members hold a degree of professorship from another university.
  • Three members from the trade and industry sector.
  • Four expert members.
  • University president.


Main Tasks and Responsibilities:

1. Drafting University Policies: The board is responsible for setting the general policies of the university. This includes policies related to academic affairs, finances, ethics, and other key areas;

2. Approving Annual and Strategic Plans: The board reviews and approves the university's annual budget and strategic plan. This involves assessing the institution's goals, priorities, and resource allocation;

3. Implementation and Evaluation: The board monitors the execution of the university's strategic plan and assesses its progress toward achieving its objectives. They may require periodic reports to gauge the effectiveness of the plan;

4. Evaluating University Performance: The board conducts comprehensive evaluations of the university's performance. This encompasses academic quality, administrative efficiency, financial stability, and the state of the university's infrastructure;

5. Self-Evaluation Reports: The board reviews self-evaluation reports submitted by the university. These reports cover various aspects of the institution's functioning, offering data and insights for the board's assessment;

The Board of Trustees plays a critical role in ensuring that the university is effectively managed, remains aligned with its mission and goals, and continues to provide quality education and research opportunities. Their diverse composition allows them to draw from various sectors of expertise and maintain a holistic perspective on the university's operations.


Members of the German Jordanian Board of Trustees:

Eng. Othman Bedier, Chairman of the Board,

Prof. Ala'aldeen Al-Halhouli, GJU President

Prof. Hanan Malkawi

Prof. Radwan A. Al-Weshah, Senior Consultant and Former Dean of Scientific Research at UJ.

Prof. Laila M. Akhu-Zahey, Dean Faculty of Nursing at JUST.

Eng. Omar Abu Wishah, Vice Chairman and Partner of Petra Engineering Industries Company

Dr. Duraid Mahasneh

Prof. Suhail Haddadin, Director Control and Internal Audit Department at UJ.

Mrs. Malak Alakiely

Mrs. Zeena AlMajali