Mr. Khaled Abu Hammour

Abu Hammour offeres guidance for new staff members before their arrival in Jordan. He is responsible for assisting and guiding newly hired staff members even before they arrive in Jordan. This support can include providing information about visa requirements, travel logistics, and other pre-arrival details to ensure a smooth transition.
Abu Hammour is tasked with furnishing new staff members with all the necessary information they need for their relocation to Jordan. This information may encompass details about visa procedures, residency permits, work permits, medical tests, and other essential documentation.
Answering Enquiries and Questions**: Mr. Abu Hammour is the point of contact for new staff members who may have questions or inquiries about the relocation process, employment at GJU, or any other concerns they may have. He should be available to address their queries and provide clarification as needed.
His assistance and guidance help them navigate the various administrative and logistical processes required for employment in the university. This proactive support can significantly contribute to a positive experience for new staff members as they begin their roles at GJU.
Abu Hammour can be reached at:
Mr. Zaher Amer
Mr. Amer plays a key role in handling various administrative procedures related to international staff members at the German Jordanian University. His responsibilities include preparing and following up on the procedures for obtaining residence permits, work permits, and duty-free cars. 
Mr. Zaher Amer acts as a liaison between international staff members, the university, and the relevant government authorities. His work is instrumental in ensuring that staff members have the appropriate legal documentation and benefits needed for their roles and stay in Jordan. This support contributes to a smooth and compliant experience for international staff at GJU.


Zaher Amer can be reached at: