The process for obtaining or renewing a work permit for international staff members at GJU involves several specific requirements and steps. Following some key information:

Work Permit Issuance and Renewal:
The Welcome Office supports in issuing the work permit for all international staff members. The work permit procedures cannot begin before the staff member arrives in Jordan.
Required Documents:
  • Copy of the contract;
  • Copy of the passport copy which indicates the page with the full name and the page that shows the last entry to Jordan;
  • Two personal photos;
  • Copy of the academic certificates: If the academic certificate is a Ph.D., it requires equivalency from the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (, while Master's (MA) and Bachelor's (BA) certificates need to be translated;
  • Blood Test 85 JOD; (at the Ministry of Health Medical Examination Center, Luwaibdeh)
  • 12.5 JOD fees.
All the required documents are to be submitted to the Presidency Department to Mr. Zaher Amer with a signature and date of submission.
Preparation of Official Letters: Mr. Zaher Amer prepares all official letters for various relevant authorities, including the Civil Service Bureau, Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and Ministry of Labor. These letters are necessary to initiate the work permit issuance or renewal process.
Processing Time: The paperwork process typically takes at least 1-2 months from the date of receiving all the required documents until the issuance of the work permit. It's essential to allow for this processing time in your planning.
Work Permit Validity: The work permit is issued according to the date of its issuance and not the date of the contract. It is important to note that the work permit needs to be issued within three months of the contract date to avoid any fines.
It's crucial for international staff members to be aware of these procedures, ensure that all required documents are provided, and adhere to the timelines to obtain or renew their work permits successfully.