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Erasmus+ Staff Mobility - Call for Applications for 2023 now open

As International Affairs Department (IAD) at GJU we are welcoming your online-applications until the 10th of December 2022.


What is Erasmus+ Staff Mobility?

Erasmus+ supports teaching and training periods for staff working in higher education institutions. With Erasmus+, you can teach or train at a higher education institution in an Erasmus+ Programme or Partner country.


The new Erasmus+ Program “aims at promoting equity and inclusion by facilitating access to participants with fewer opportunities compared to their peers” (quoted from the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Handbook for Participating Organizations, Version 5.1 – September 2022 (Call 2022)).

Who can apply?

  • Academic and administrative staff at GJU (regardless of individual period of employment or position at GJU)
  • People of all nationalities are welcome 
  • Persons with disabilities or chronical illness (can include physical, mental or health related conditions) can be funded with real cost inclusion budget (prove needs to be given in the application, funding depends on national agency in partner country) to realize the mobility

What are the applications requirements?

  • level of B2 in English
  • German knowledge is an asset (for the German hosts)
  • Non-nominee of GJU Staff Mobility Program, former Train the Trainer, selected in 2022
  • In case of disability or chronical illness a medical letter and approx. estimated cost for the mobility needs to be handed in


What are the required documents for the application?

  • Updated CV in English or German
  • Letter of Motivation (one page), stating:
    • Why the applicant would you like to go to this specific institution in Germany/Europe?
    • Which value will this program have for the applicant personally and professionally?
    • How does GJU benefit from the applicant’s participation?
    • How the applicant is committed to internationalization?
    • How the applicant is committed to sustainability?
    • How the applicant is committed to inclusion?
    • How the applicant is committed to digitalization?
    • If the applicant plans to travel with family members who need Visa
  • Letter of recommendation by the dean/director, stating:
    • which host institution would suit them best and what might be useful for example: specific (!) networking purposes, academic purposes for the quality of the curricula and teaching, strategic purposes for research development, expertise in the specific working field etc.
    • the suitable time of the mobility (all to be realized in 2023)
    • why the applicant should be profiting from the Erasmus+ Staff Mobility again even if the applicant has benefited from Erasmus+ Staff Mobility in the past. If a reasonable argument is given, the applicant can be nominated for Erasmus+ again.

Before applying: 

  • please check the websites of the possible host institutions carefully and chose at least one suitable institution for you (which department/entity/faculty at the institution could host you?). The host institutions will be updated continually. 


  • please talk with your dean/director at GJU which institution would suit you and which might be useful for requested purposes in the letter of recommendation


  • please consult your dean/director for the suitable time of your mobility (for the majority of the hosts, the mobility period is only possible until end of 2023)


  • please join our online-info session about Erasmus+ Staff Mobility on the 7th of December 2022. If you are interested in this event please write an email with the subject “Erasmus+ Staff Mobility Info Session 2023” to IO.Intern2@gju.edu.jo until 6th of December 2022.


Please note: 

  • the mobilities will have an approximate duration of five working days, so you will be absent for one working week from GJU (extensions to two weeks may be possible) 
  • the funding depends on the host institutions, the average is 360 EUR travel lump sum (higher for Iceland), plus 160-180 EUR per mobility day 
  • all mobilities have to be completed by 31.12.2023 at the latest, some earlier (e.g. 31.07.2023)
  • please do not contact the host institution by yourself, all communication will be through the International Office at GJU 
  • the selection criteria will consider past participation in mobility programs to Germany (staff who have never participated in any mobility to Germany via GJU will be preferred)
  • new seats offered by our partners during the year 2023 will be offered to candidates on the waiting list


What are the selection criteria?

The formal criteria (CV, letter of motivation, letter of recommendation) (weighted 60%) + performance in the assessment center (weighted 40%).


When is the assessment center?

The assessment center will be approx. on the 13th and 14th of December, 2022. Eligible candidates will be invited via email.


How can I apply?  

Please use this Microsoft form to complete your application: Erasmus+ online application  







The deadline for submitting the online application is December 10th, 2022


After the Erasmus+ mobility:

After your Erasmus+ Staff mobility we kindly ask you for a report about your stay and to fill a questioner (MicrosoftForm).

Here you can find the mobility report template


Please feel free to contact the International Affairs Department: 

Ari Kehr

Scholarship Coordinator

Building F, Office F 017


Tel.: +962 6 4294896

German landline: +49 391 505 47432